How to get easier enemies in casual mode


The daily quests often force me to play some classes that I have not much experience with and no good decks for. This makes it rather frustrating to play them when the matchmaking puts me against opponents that would be fair for my best class and deck.

One idea would be to repeatedly concede every casual game directly at the beginning to lower my win rate and get ranked lower in the matchmaking. But that seems like a rather obvious tactic and I would guess that Blizzard might have done something to prevent players from exploiting this.

Does repeatedly conceding to lower your own rank in casual play work? Are there any other ways to get yourself to rank yourself lower to make it easier to fulfill daily quests?

Best Answer

No reason to concede before you draw, you might get a lucky break, but people should concede more often.

Just play a few turns and see how it's going.

If someone has you at 1 health with a full board and you have no minions, you wouldn't feel obliged to play it out, right?

If your draw is awful and they have great board presence after a turn or two, maybe no need to play out every excruciating turn there either.

There is a middle ground between conceding instantly and holding out hope until the very last moment of every game.

Some games swing back and forth, sure, but if you're trying to win as many games as possible in a limited amount of time, the key is to develop a sense of which games are worth playing for wins, and which games are best ended as soon as possible.