How to get rid of Rocksmith 2014 audio lag


I have Rocksmith 2014 on PC at Steam. I have a latency problem each time I play the guitar. Is there a way to get rid of it?
I've tried messing around with my cable, tried using microphone, tried using alternate options, and there is still nonstop lag.

Best Answer

Not every delay can be fixed via Rocksmith.

Due to hardware issues, I temporarily put my laptop in place of my desktop. All settings are similar, but the laptop has a slight audio delay that the desktop didn't have. Just like how you described it.

I assume this is caused by some hardware component of the laptop being slower than my desktop's counterpart. I checked every aspect of the USB device's setup. Everything is the same, but the delay still exists.

This isn't something Rocksmith can adjust, as the only calibration the game allows (from memory, it's been a while) is to correct audio-video lag (which in essence exists to get rid of graphical lag)