How to get the hedgehog into space in 7 days


Hedgehog Launch (for iOS) has an achievement called Incredible Launch which you can get if you launch your hedgehog into space in 7 days or less. I'm looking for some pointers on how to get the achievement, what's the best way to spend money earned, etc.

Pointers for doing the same thing in the Flash version would likely also be fine as they play pretty much the same.

Best Answer

I can't speak to the iOS version, but assuming it's similar enough to the flash version:

The most important upgrades for getting to space is the launcher height and band elasticity. Fully maxing out the e-rocket is worth (roughly) 3 points in the above upgrades. (When both are at 10; a simple launch straight up will go all the way into space with no further input required.)

The chute, radar and jet pack upgrades are mostly useful for getting the money required to upgrade the launcher; but they still require some luck for effective use.

The launcher and band is also very helpful in getting the cash for further upgrades, as they'll give more altitude and hang-time when upgraded, yielding higher multipliers.