How to increase Crota’s Bane with The Taken King


Through the release of The Taken King, Eris Morn not only moved locations, all of her bounties are no longer available.

How does one go about gaining Crota's Bane reputation without her bounties?

There was one mission that rewarded some reputation, but other than that, I have not found any other way.

Best Answer

Crota's Bane reputation can be earned in five main ways in The Taken King.

  • Completing encounters in Crota's End and King's Fall grants reputation.
  • While Eris herself does not offer bounties, she still plays a part in several quest chains that grant reputation.
  • Opening the event treasure chests on The Dreadnaught has a chance to reward bounties which can be completed for reputation. Opening chests that require a key will reward a small amount of rep as well.
  • Successfully completing a rune public event at the Court of Oryx.
  • Finding one of the 50 calcified fragments rewards 10 rep (note that this will overlap with key chests in some parts)