How to infuse the crystalline shard


Before leaving the Changing God's resonance chamber you find a Crystalline Shard which you can use as a light weapon. From various wiki sites I know that it

can be upgraded to an Infused Crystalline Shard by extending it to the obelisk in the Reef of Fallen Worlds.

How exactly do you perform the operation since the dialog options do not seem to show it to me?

Best Answer

Did you try touching the obelisk? For me the order of events was as follows:

  • investigate the obelisk
  • select option -> try to touch it (you do not really touch it the first time, no risk of death here)
  • Aligern advises against that action
  • select option -> use the shard to touch it

Only after Aligerns warning did that option appear (as only at that point do we know what the obelisk does).