How to kill Vincon Traut and the other conspirators


When I approach Vincon Traut in Chapter 2 in an attempt to obtain his enchanted armor, he warns me that it was a mistake to go there by myself. Spot on, Vincon — I thought I was fairly comfortable with the combat system but your blade and your conspirators are making me look like a complete fool. I can't even kill a single one of you, since there are six men and I'm stuck in a small room with no space to roll around. You take advantage of me at the beginning of the battle by swinging your blade while I draw my sword, wiping away 20% of my health and making me bleed, too. It's not like Quen is of much use, either, since two men make such short work of it.

How am I supposed to survive this encounter? Should I rely on extreme luck with Aard? Or is there some tactic that will make this encounter much easier for me?

Best Answer

You can get Backup... as soon as you know Traut's location you can talk to Dethmold. He will give you 4 of his soldiers as backup. So, when you then go to fight Traut, you just have to open the middle door in the room, there the 4 soldiers are waiting to help you in the fight.