How to know how many flowers I have


Whenever I pick up a flower, it tells me how many I have in total, and how many of that color I have. Is there any way to know how many of each flower I have, without finding one to pick up? Sadly the map in the Sanctuary doesn't list the flowers in each zone like it does for keys, so there isn't even a way to know where to look for the remaining flowers.

I checked in the Stats area of the Sanctuary, but that was less than helpful as well.

Best Answer

Writing this from memory as I don't have the game in front of me, but:

If you want to check which flowers and the amounts you have, return to the city of Aurora, enter the temple up the stairs and in there the priestess/queen is in a room where you give her the flowers. You should be able to see from there the colors and counts you have for each flower type I believe.