How to obtain decorative gems


I have finished all but some very minor quests (e.g. collect all shards) in the Hinterlands, which means I purged area from templars, mages, bandits and so on.

At the very same time, I'm upgrading my fortress. For a tapestry upgrade, I need 4 decorative gems. According to our almighty Google, it seems those are drops from all sort of scapegraces which I banished from the area.

In short, consider the situation – is there a way to farm or buy or in any other way get these 4 decorative gems?

Best Answer

There's a guaranteed spawn of 3 templars 10 o'clock from the Dwarfson's Pass camp. Go up the stony little path and they will be near the hut. The hut is just south of the cliffs/treeline on your map.

This is after I killed all the mage and templar quests.

I needed two extra gems and I got 1 drop each time I killed the group. So it's rinse and repeat depending how many you need. I visited Haven and went back for the re-spawn.