How to predict how much money I will lose if I lose a battle


If I lose a battle (i.e. all 6 of my pokemon faint), how much money will I lose?

Best Answer

The amount of money you will lose since FireRed and LeafGreen (with the exception of Emerald) is determined by:

Money = Level * Base Payout

Level is the highest level pokemon of yours and the base payout is based on the number of badges you have.


  • 0/8
  • 1/16
  • 2/24
  • 3/36
  • 4/48
  • 5/60
  • 6/80
  • 7/100
  • 8/120

For example, if you have 5 gym badges and your top level pokemon is 30, your money lost for defeat would be 30 * 60 = 1800.

Source (bulbapedia)

While it is possible the bulbapedia article is outdated given the site's recent downtime, serebii's battle changes page lists no change to the payout system in gen V.