How to reliably capure cities instead of destroying them


Sometimes you are forced to fight a spacefaring civilization. Sometimes their homeworld planet happens to have 10 cities and a precious sort of spice. Sometimes you really fancy the idea of capturing all of these cities whole to maximize the production of that precious spice. How can you go about doing that? Do particular weapons have a greater chance of destroying cities instead of capturing them? Does the number of turrets or buildings matter? Are allied ships a boon or a hindrance when trying to capture cities?

Best Answer

Set up a trade route, once it's completed you can buy the star system for a pretty heavy lump of money even more if it's their capitol star system.

If that doesn't work and you still need to go aggressive, bombs are the best weapons at leveling cities allied ships will generally die, so it is more beneficial to just use auto turrets to cover you.

The way capturing cities work is how much damage you do to their buildings, so doing less damage will only make the process slower.