How to solve «this map file is too big. please choose a different map»


In Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, when you try to load some maps, an message appear explaining (not much) «this map file is too big. please choose a different map».

But why this happens? How to solve this and play the map?

I tried to play some maps like Lordaeron The Aftermath, and Lordaeron The Foremath in Singleplayer, with computer (bots), but the message keeps appearing to me.

My Warcraft version is, and files I'm trying to play are respectively, 8.10MB, and 26.2MB, although I tried to play others maps with 29.743MB, 11.188MB and didn't worked either.

Best Answer

Patch 1.27b (Dec. 2016) raised the vanilla map size limit from 8MB to 128MB. Update your game.

Backwards compatibility hasn't been broken significantly since patch 1.24b, but forward compatibility is not guaranteed, so it's not impossible that custom maps made with newer game versions in mind won't work properly on older versions.