How to stop C2-N2 from attacking?


As a Smuggler/Gunslinger, I have no healing ability but my ship droid C2-N2. I do cybertech, so he's very well equipped. Trouble is, C2-N2 will run in and punch opponents drawing aggro to himself. This means he wastes healing on himself and dies. I'd like him to stop that.

C2-N2 has no attack spells to turn off. Short of setting him passive, and having to manually cast his healing spells, how can I stop C2-N2 from attacking enemies?

Best Answer

Short answer is that you can't, at least not right now. It seems the latest update exacerabated this so hopefully they patch it back. Or give him more abilities so that he can continue casting rather than punching during cooldowns. However, his healing is much more likely to draw aggro than his pitifully weak punches; hitting the enemy once should be enough to draw aggro back to you for a while.