How to unlock new characters in Super Crate Box


The new update for Super Crate Box mentioned that there were now more characters to unlock.

I have been playing for a while now (even before the update) and never unlocked new characters.

What do I have to do to unlock new characters?

Best Answer

Here is a list of the characters currently in Super Crate Box, and how to unlock them (which I've compiled after a fun speedrun through a fresh installation of SCB).

  • Ninja: Score 20 on Ambush mode
  • Astronaut: Score 10 on Moon Temple
  • Crocodile: Score 25 on Construction Yard
  • Robot: Score 30 on Rocket Silo
  • Piklupu: Score 35 on Moon Temple
  • Billy Score 100 points on any map on Normal mode
  • Chicken: Score 50 points on any map on SFMT mode
  • Halfbot: Kill 5000 enemies in total
  • Vlambeer: Collect 1000 crates in total
  • Canabalt (Indie Unlock #1): Score 10 crates by only jumping and running
  • Spelunky (Indie Unlock #2): Score 10 on Moon Temple, Ambush mode
  • Meat Boy (Indie Unlock #3): Die 500 times

For the game to tell you how many crates you have to obtain to unlock the next character, you have to have completed the level-unlocking goal first. For example, in this screenshot, the Score 30 to unlock a new character text appears because I have already scored 20 to unlock the Moon Temple (the next stage).

enter image description here