I can’t get in the door at the shrine of winter


I have killed all the four main bosses and lit all the primal bonfires and used them. I have over 2 million soul memory and 250,000+ in hand. I however only have two of the great souls on hand as I used the others to trade for weapons but it still stays closed. Do I need all great souls in hand? What am I missing? Please help

Best Answer

To open the Shrine of Winter, you can do one of two things:

  1. Kill all of the "Primal" bosses, and activate the Primal bonfires. These are:

    • The Rotten
    • The Lost Sinner
    • The Old Iron King
    • The Duke's Dear Freja

Note: Freja's Soul is easily missed, as it is not automatically picked up. To pick it up, you will need to activate the red orb at the back of the arena. Additionally, the Bonfire is also easily missed. The room contains two enemies that must be defeated before the bonfire can be lit.

  1. Get enough Soul Memory. The rule is to get 1,000,000 Soul Memory per NG.

The Wiki page describes all of this in greater detail.

As per the comments, you mentioned that you had indeed met all of these parameters, but we're still unable to enter. The only other solution I might suggest is (depending on the platform) reinstall it (for PC), or attempt to try and replicate the error again with another character.