Ifrit not available when other summons equipped, but is available when it’s the only summon equipped


I'm playing FF7 remake and I noticed that when I was doing the VR battle against Shiva that the only summon that was coming up was Cactuar (was equipped on Aerith). I saw a post where someone recommended having Ifrit equipped for this battle (which makes sense). I noticed that a different character (Cloud) already had that summoning materia equipped as well, but I never saw it as available.

When I removed Cactuar from Aerith and re-did the fight Ifrit showed up as expected. Why is it that Ifrit only shows up as a use-able summon in the Shiva virtual when Cactuar is not equipped on another character? I have not tried all permutations of all materia possibilities, etc. But I was able to verify that when Cactuar and Ifrit are both equipped to characters that Cactuar is the only summon that is ever able to be chosen. When I remove Cactuar, Ifrit shows up as expected in this fight

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