Is a build relying only on fire damage viable


I'm currently running a build relying almost only on fire damage (through the Promethean Magic skill) for defeating enemies. Currently when I encounter fire-resistant monsters I either whack them with a stick or rely on the high damage on the fire wall spell (Gog's Tactical Pyre) to penetrate their resistance. At the moment I'm on level 8.

I wanted to know if this is a viable build even for late game, or will I encounter too many powerful fire-resistant monsters and I need to think of some alternative (for instance, I have Alchemy, so maybe I should start stockpiling flasks of acid or noxious brimstone).

Best Answer

So I've just finished the game relying almost exclusively on fire damage, and I think the answer is barely. Some late-game monsters have high fire resistance, so killing them with fire alone takes a long time and requires strong spells. At least those monsters usually also deal fire damage of their own, which Promethean mages resist.

Specifically, there's a late-game area of the game completely filled with fire-resistant monsters:

Floor 9 is fire-oriented and almost all mobs there resist fire. There was a monster zoo there which took me forever to clear.

My recommendations:

  1. Make sure you can efficiently use fireball and firewall by the late-game, in my experience they are the only ones that can penetrate high-resist enemies.
  2. Make sure you have some alternative way of doing damage. I relied on a decent-damage staff and on acid flasks created through alchemy.