Is disconnecting and reconnecting a viable way to refill health and ammo during a heist


Related to my other question, my group has proved that as long as you're not the host, it's possible to change your loadout in the middle of a heist, if you're dressed for stealth and things unexpectedly get loud.

However, that makes me think: let's say that you're running a combat-heavy heist like Watchdogs. Suppose you're short on health and ammo, almost dead. If you disconnect from the game and then immediately reconnect (perhaps by having one of your friends in the game or receiving an invite), will you restart with full health and ammo?

And, if so, as long as you're playing with friends who don't mind constant disconnect/reconnects, is there any reason why you shouldn't do this all the time?

Best Answer

You will respawn with full health and full ammo, but gadgets are kind of tricky.

Here's the key thing. If you drop down a Doctor's Bag, let's say, and decided to try disconnecting and reconnecting, without changing your gadget, when you reconnect to the very same session, you will NOT have a Doctor Bag with you.

However, if you switch your gadget, meaning swapping out the Doctor Bag to an Ammo Bag, ECM, First Aid Kit, Sentry, or Trip Mine, you'll be able to place them down as deployables.