Is it possible to cheat on Devil May Cry 4 on PC


Is it possible to cheat on Devil May Cry 4 on PC?

I hate the skill learning principle of this game. I would like to start the game with all skills. Is there a cheat code to do that ?

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It seems there is a "debug mode" available for some of the PC versions. To quote the thread linked:

What is debug mode?

It's a menu with special options used by capcom for testing DMC 4, only available in the PC version. Features include playing as Dante whenever you want, infinite jumps, invincibilty, disabling cutscenes, no-clip, and others. It was apparently not removed in a multi-9 version of the game which came in a polish magazine, CD-Action.

Great, how do I use it?

If you have the CD-Action version, press and hold L1+L2 and then press R1 to toggle Debug Mode. If you don't, the Infernal Works community made a patch to enable it in all versions, get it here:

Though it seems to be a legit version of the game's executable, I'd suggest getting the CD-Action version (easy if you're in or near Poland, might be tricky elsewhere) in preference of relying on an "unofficial patch" provided by a random internet forum.

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