Is it possible to connect a Gamecube Controller to a 3DS


I play a lot of SSB4, and I have gotten used to using the 3DS to play. But, is there a way I can connect a Gamecube (or other type of controller) to my 3DS, and play using that instead? I want to practice with a real controller (and prevent my Circle Pad from dying).

Best Answer

It is possible. It just depends on how comfortable you are with actual hardware modding. Here's an article with a how-to video.

Link to the YouTube video in article. How-to links, hardware requirements, and source code are all found in the video description. The method looks extremely cheap (12$). The real issue is just being comfortable with the process.

Also, some other modders.

On removeability:

It will have a circuit board attached to the back, you can unplug everything and use it like a regular 3DS, or plug in the Arduino and start playing with gc controller.