Is it possible to get all pieces of art without visiting other towns


My art gallery in the museum is only about half-full. For about two months now, whenever Redd comes he only has paintings and statues I already have, even if they're forgeries (in other words, I haven't even seen a forgery whose original isn't already in my museum).

I remember a villager saying that some objects don't appear in all towns. Does this apply to art? Is it impossible to fill your museum's art gallery without buying from Redd in another town?

Best Answer

Yes you can get all paintings from Redd

Source: Animal crossing wiki

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, 26 paintings can be obtained. In the game, the ability to identify fakes before sale was added, with forged paintings showing distinct differences to their real, authentic versions, using the new swivel camera function.

All paintings can be purchased from Crazy Redd's for 3,920 bells and sold for 490 bells. Villagers also give out paintings as presents, particularly smug villagers. However, there is no way to authenticate until after the sale.