Is it possible to set a custom resolution (window size) in Dark Souls


I'm playing Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition and I'm having a bit of an annoyance. I always play my games, if possible, in a custom resolution (in my case 1900 x 1000), so that the game's window almost takes my whole screen, but there is room for its title bar and Windows' taskbar.

I tried to do that in Dark Souls (both in the configuration file in my Documents folder and in DSFix's options), but it had no effect. The window always took my full screen, 1920 x 1080.

Then I tried the option for a borderless full screen window, and that worked rather well (minus the frustration from not seeing my taskbar) until I found that at some point, after a few alt-tabs, the window will soon become unusable, because it'll set itself to be behind everything else, and as a result all you can see of the game is a very small strip through the transparent taskbar.

Now I'm playing in proper full screen, which is free of the borderless window's bug, but then there's the annoyance of having an annoying delay on each alt-tab, not to mention the game's sound is cut when I'm on another window, so if I'm attacked while I was busy elsewhere, I'll never know and will find myself by a bonfire when I come back. Although this last point, I'm not sure it's exclusive to full screen.

So uhm, how can I set my custom resolution and play comfortably, the way I'm used to?

Best Answer

It is possible to set your custom windowed resolution using DSFix by setting the resolution using

renderWidth 1900
renderHeight 1000

and using forceWindowed 1. Without force windowed, the game will use one of the preset resolutions.

That being said, I also found out that the intro scene was a bunch of white vertical lines and I could not enter the main menu or even start playing. I hope this won't be the case for everyone, but I fear it might.