Is it really not possible to undo a system update on Switch


At the moment, I can not transfer images from Switch to my Linux boxes (the Switch is telling me to connect to my PC but it already is).

To check if it is a problem with the newest Switch firmware or a problem with my USB connector, I was searching if I could undo the latest Switch software update.

Best Answer

Assuming you have not modified the Switch, it blows fuses to keep track of the most recent update installed, and refuses to run if it sees "too many" blown fuses. Blowing fuses is a permanent alteration of the hardware, so you would have to modify the software or firmware to prevent the Switch from "noticing" that you downgraded it.

Not every system update will necessarily blow a fuse (there are only so many fuses in the whole Switch), and of course homebrewers have found ways around this problem, but I think it illustrates the broader point: Nintendo really, really does not want you downgrading your Switch under any circumstances.

If all you want to do is move a few screenshots over, the easiest option is to get an SD card and a card reader. Homebrew is generally a lot more complicated than that, so it's probably not an ideal solution for most users.