Is it true that diagonal walls divide Alien more than horizontal and vertical walls


In a multiplayer game, a friend suggested me to set up diagonal walls instead of vertical and horizontal ones.

He was telling me that enemies will attack at the same point on vertical / horizontal walls and, unlike diagonal structured walls, they will be more likely to split up and attack different points, so letting you more time to defend.

Is it true?

Best Answer

Due to the lack of answer, I'll share what I've found.

By the time, I tried both ways to build walls and I noticed that Aliens will be more sparsed in face of diagonal walls.

So this is my answer until someone can prove the contrary or add valuable informations on the subject.

Even if it's not directly related, I would add to this a small recommendation about diagonal walls. In fact, I don't use them anymore because it's was painful in mid and late game to use blueprint and enlarge the base when everything else was horizontal. So I suggest to build horizontal walls for a better scalability even if Alien are "stronger".