Limit Skyrim Special Edition FPS to 60


So I have an issue (a common one) that if Skyrim goes over 60 fps, it will start to show issues with the game (for example colliding items, functions not working).

I am well aware that this is asked for the "old" Skyrim. Most of the people give you a link to a mod that does this for you. But as Skyrim SE is brand new, it still does not have this mod.
(Kind of a shame this is still not fixed in the Special Edition)

I have also seen alot of solutions like using nVidia Inspector. But I would prefer to NOT use any third-party software to resolve this issue.

So what I would like to know if there is a solution for this.

Even though I can change the refresh rate to 60Hz (144Hz normally) this will become a chore after a while.

I am open for any Command Line solutions. VB.NET or C# is welcome too.
Any info is appreciated.

Best Answer

The graphical enhancement mod ENBSeries can limit your FPS, if you set EnableFPSLimit=true and your desired FPS in FPSLimit=61.0 under [LIMITER] in enblocal.ini.

The base game itself does not offer a (documented or discovered) way of limiting the FPS outside of enabling vsync and setting your monitor refresh rate to the desired amount (after making sure your monitor supports it, of course).