Low rating of virtual pro GK due to very good team


I'm playing a virtual pro (offline and online carreer) as a goalkeeper in Fifa 14 and I found it quiet difficult to get a good rating, when your own team is very good. The rating keeps dropping (after the first contact to the ball, but not always?!) and when your team is very good in defending you won't get any contact with the ball. So you have no chance in getting a good rating at the end of the match. It's okay for onlinegames, but I need to get an average of 7,0 for my offline carreer and it's nearly impossible to get more then 5,5 when you are just watching your teammates and giving orders.

So my question is if there is anything I'm missing in beeing a good goalkeeper to get a decent rating (besides watching your goal)? Maybe it's just a bug that the rating keeps decreasing so fast?

PS: I'm playing on the PC if this is important.

Best Answer

Not really as in getting a 7.0. If you really want a good rating, just let your team give them a shot on goal. Having a save will improve your rating very fast. Also let them pass the ball more back to you. So you have more passes. Just also stay in position(not sure if there is a red circle on fifa 14 as well as a goalkeeper) Get out of the goal during a corner to save the ball.

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