Mass-effect – Can opponents in ME3 be damaged by their own grenades


Recently, I was trying to rescue two people in an elevator.

The female Krogan and Mordin

This being Mass Effect, there were bad guys trying to stop me. One of them, in the course of trying to stop me, tossed a grenade into a wall, where it bounced off and landed at his feet (not his fault, he came down with a sudden case of shot-in-the-face-itis)

Unfortunately, so did I, and as a result I didn't get to see if he would be "hoist 'pon his own petard", as it were.

Do opponents in ME3 take damage from their own grenades?

Best Answer

No, enemies do not take friendly grenade damage. I just had a Husk grenade go off right next to a frozen solid Husk.

The grenade probably should have killed it, but it did absolutely no damage to it; the health bar was one bar down, just like it was when I froze the husk. The health bar didn't flash when the grenade when off either, which it does when enemies take damage.