Mass-effect – How to do the Smash Melee in multiplayer


I found that in Single Player my Vanguard character can do a downward smash attack with the Melee button, similar to Nova. It activates when I Run and then Melee while running (X+O on PS3) like I'm doing a regular Strong Melee.

Shepard hits the ground for a small shockwave. It's got a bit of an AOE so it's not the same as the normal punch. It's not Nova since it doesn't drain my Biotic Barrier, and it doesn't initiate a cooldown; it's a Melee skill best I can tell.

I tried doing this move in multiplayer but it doesn't work. No matter what I try, my character does the Strong Melee normally, not the downward smash. I even tried using a Vanguard character and nothing.

Is there anything I need to do to unlock/use this attack? Why doesn't it work in Multiplayer?

I know the Asari Adept has a similar "shockwave" attack, but that's just the Asari's normal heavy melee. This is a different attack I have in addition to the normal heavy melee.

Best Answer

Shepard is different from the multi player human classes.
This is an unique attack animation that only the Shepard Vanguard has, all other classes just do their normal heavy melee animation.
However, the stats are identical to the normal heavy melee of the Vanguard. In coalesced.bin there is only one set of data for the vanguard heavy melee and if you edit that, it will apply to both attacks(I gave it a very large AoE and in game that applied to both attacks).