Mass-effect – Mass Effect 1 and Sniper Rifles


I'm looking for some guidance here before I decide that he Mass Effect trilogy is not worth playing because of the poor combat system.

I love playing a sniper build in most games, so I went infiltrator in this game. I've maxed out sniper rifles, some points in pistols, and a few elsewhere.

Despite this, whenever I pull out my sniper rifle and start aiming, it is clear that Commander Shepherd has been drinking on the job, and HEAVILY. How is it that I have maxed my points in sniper (foregoing much needed armor points due to the clunky "automatic hide" system that constantly gets my killed) and yet the accuracy is pitiful. For a gun that only has one or two shots, I feel like I should be able to make them count.

Is this not a viable build in this game? What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer

As someone who played an infiltrator in Mass Effect 1 (for the whole series actually) I found one way to offset this issue on PC was to adjust the mouse sensitivity when sniping. In my case, I own a gaming mouse that can alter it's DPI (effectively sensitivity) by pressing a button on the mouse. By setting it to a lower DPI (less movement in game to real mouse movement) I had better luck stabilizing the sniper rifle when lining up shots.

If you are on PC you could use either a mouse with DPI switching buttons (most gaming mice have them these days) or use AutoHotkey to set up a key/button to change your sensitivity. If you're on console you're probably out of luck regarding this solution.

Additionally, weapon mods and the more advanced snipers you acquire later in game eventually make the swaying almost nonexistent. Crouching and the Assassination ability also help quite a bit once you put levels into Assassination.