Mass-effect – ny way to skip the mass relay cutscenes


These cutscenes are significantly louder than the rest of the game, so I have to turn down my speakers every time I go through a mass relay. Is there any way to skip these scenes?

According to this link it was possible in Mass Effect 1 by editing a configuration file. However, that file doesn't seem to exist for Mass Effect 3.

Best Answer

You can remove any video file from ME3 but after doing any changes to the game data you need to run the "Auto TOC Generator", which is included in "ME3 Explorer by Warranty Voider".

I removed the following from "Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\Movies"

  • GLO_01_Relay.bik
  • Cithub_Load01.bik
  • ...
  • Cithub_Load08.bik

The reason simply removing the file does not work is that the game has an index file, that has to be updated after any changes to files are made.

PS. Heh, talk about necromancy...