Mass-effect – What the heck do I do at the N7: Fuel Reactor mission


I've just landed on the planet & met Capt'n Riley. What the heck do I do after meeting her?

I can't venture out, I get killed by radiation.

I see this display for crane operation, I'm not sure how that works after fiddling with it..

enter image description here

Best Answer

What you need to do is use the crane in order to move the large box out of the way so you can proceed. This took me a little bit to figure out as well.

You need to hit the controls in this order:

  • Move Left
  • Activate
  • Move Right
  • Activate (though this is optional, as you don't really need to lower the box)

The video panel on the crane is a view of what's going on behind you, if that helps.

For a video of this, see this walkthrough: