Minecraft – Bending a conditional chain


As we all know, you can't bend a chain of conditional command blocks. Many people have had problems with this and I'm perfectly aware of why it doesn't work by just, placing the blocks in a different pattern.

However, I know it's possible. Whether through some /stats command or testing for a SuccessCount tag at the bend (not too sure on how either of these work as I've never had to use them)… What's the most simple way of doing this?


This is what I've tried so far.

A failure.

So, 1 won't execute even though it's being "powered" by the block next to it in the chain, because there's nothing behind it to provide check for a successful execution.

3 won't execute despite having what 1 lacks, because nothing's "triggering" it. (I tried to put a repeat block in the empty spot of 2 to power 3 but of course that gets rerouted by the block between 2 and 3.)

What I was considering was having a repeat block in place of 4 testing if the block between 2 and 3 is successful, then having that block trigger 1 and having the met condition come from 4. But I suppose there's a more simple way of doing it, with less command blocks (after all you would have to reset the SuccessCount after every execution, right?).

So, I hope that's enough effort and whatever for you people, I expect to see this question at the top of Google later. Thank you! šŸ˜€

Best Answer

For simplicity and speed, I'd do it something like this:

Conditional chain bend 1

The unconditional blocks outlined in red can be left blank, and are just there to continue on the chain. The next block still depends conditionally on the previous conditional block.

Alternatively, for one less command block, you can do:

Conditional chain bend 2

In which the blue outlined block has the command:

/testforblock ~1 ~ ~ chain_command_block -1 {SuccessCount:1}

Replacing ~1 ~ ~ with the offset for the previous block in the chain.