Minecraft – Bukkit Permissions, quick and simple


I cannot for the life of me figure out how permissions.yml works for a CraftBukkit Minecraft Server. Here is what I want:

I would like three groups: admin, user, and default.

  • Admins should have complete access to all commands
  • Users should be able to use /tp and maybe a couple other commands
  • Defaults should not be able to use any command.

Here's what I have:

  5 users:
  6     my-name:
  7         groups:
  8         - admin
  9 groups:
 10     default:
 11         permissions:
 12             bukkit.command.*: false
 13     admin:
 14         permissions:
 15             bukkit.command.*: true
 16         inheritance:
 17         - user
 18     user:
 19         permissions:
 20             bukkit.command.teleport: true
 21             bukkit.command.tell: true
 22             bukkit.command.me: true
 23             bukkit.command.kill: true
 24         inheritance:
 25         - default
 26 messages:
 27     command.*: '&cYou do not have permission to use that command'

Can someone please do me a huge favor and help.

Best Answer

Quite simply, the permissions.yml file that is in the root directory of your server does nothing on its own. It's a somewhat odd and misleading feature, so it's understandable that you'd be confused. The permissions.yml file is used only to create custom permissions node aliases and group nodes. To be perfectly honest, I find it fairly useless.

The format you are using does not go in the root permissions.yml, it goes in the config.yml of a plugin known as PermissionsBukkit. This is a plugin that actually manages the permissions for you, and you need some kind of permissions plugin to use the system effectively. You should be able to cut/paste your current permissions.yml file into the PermissionsBukkit config.yml, and it should work just fine.

This is a somewhat opinionated note, but I think it's worth pointing out that there are other permissions plugins out there besides PermissionsBukkit. There are two other main permissions plugins out there, PermissionsEX (my personal favorite) and bPermissions. These have a format slightly different from PermissionsBukkit, but they have many more features, including a good command system and much better APIs, so they might save you trouble in the long run.