Minecraft – Customize an empty world (layers, mob, villages…)


I am actually trying to create on my server a superflat world like in singleplayer: A layer of grass/dirt, then 3 layers of dirt and nothing but cobble until the end.

The only thing I succeded on doing was the /mv create WorldName NORMAL -t flat but I still have villages, some slimes, and the worst: no control over the layers (what if I wanted a desert 5 layers of sand, 20 of cobble…).

There must be an easy way that I am not finding (all I found was a totally empty world with just 1 cube to build around…)

I also tried to create a world on singleplayer and copy the file from %appdata%/.minecraft to my server folder, but ended up with a strange (but fun) world…

Do you know a solution?

Best Answer

If you are using the Minecraft server (minecraft.net/download) then it should be fairly easy. Make a new single player world, then click More World Options. If you don't want villages, uncheck Generate Structures. Then click World Type once and it should change from default to superflat. Click customize, then presets, and delete all the text and type in this: 3;100*4,3*3,2;1;. This should make it so it is 1 layer grass, then 3 dirt, then 100 blocks of cobble. Save and quit, close Minecraft and go to your %appdata% folder.

Go to /.minecraft/saves/(name of superflat world) and copy that folder. Put it in your server folder and rename it to "world" (replacing the old world and no quote marks). The next time you load the server, it should be that world. I know you tried this but you may have messed up somewhere and I wanted to walk you though this step by step.