Minecraft – How many chunks do I need to keep loaded to keep quarries working in Buildcraft


In my SMP world I have large Buildcraft quarries operating and I wish to ensure that they keep on operating even when I'm not around. I know that I can use the Teleport Tether to keep chunks loaded, however I'm not sure how many chunks I need to keep loaded in order for my quarry to continue operating.

Do I need to keep all chunks containing the quarry loaded, or do I only need to keep the chunk containing the quarry block itself loaded? Also if I am piping items back from the quarry will anything bad happen if the chunks containing those items are not loaded?

Best Answer

You need to keep all chunks that are actively being quarried loaded or Bad Thingstm will happen. As for piping, nothing bad should happen if you don't keep all your piping loaded, however keep in mind that things won't move through unloaded pipes either so you won't get your materials till you go near the pipeline.