Minecraft – How to change the username in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition


Everytime I try to join a server it states that I have an invalid name. This is because I have a space in my Xbox gamertag.

Is there a way to change my Minecraft name without changing my Xbox gamertag?

As you can see, it is locked:

Minecraft name setting

Minecraft error

Best Answer

Firstly, I will try to keep this answer up to date (let me know if any info no longer applies).

Minecraft Windows 10 edition uses the Xbox gamertag as your name. This cannot currently be changed.

The bug is known by the developers. Remember, the game is still in beta so a fix is very likely in the near future. The bug also has consequences for the pocket edition as you can see in the link. You will also get the same message when joining servers with people already using that name.

More to the question. Right now, you cannot change your name. You would think that you can change your gamertag, but unfortunately another bug exists whereby changes to the gamertag are not synchronised to your settings. Remember that switching your gamertag costs money (although you can change the initial randomly generated tag given to you free of charge).