Minecraft – How to farm Phantoms


I've been playing a LOT of Minecraft with this new update, and I pretty much never sleep because of the addition of phantoms. As many people know, they swoop down and attack players that haven't slept for 3 nights. I like killing them for their membrane, as it is very useful so I'd like to set up some sort of mechanism to farm them.

All the ideas I can find on Google don't seem to good, I'm hoping that someone had invented one that was a bit unique and maybe if there was a better way instead of just beating them with a sword.

How can I construct a Phantom farm?

Best Answer

ilmango is a very good youtuber that helps explain the mechanics, from chunk loading behaviours, tick mechanics, and spawning mechanics. He has posted a video about how phantom spawning works, and a demonstration about how farming them works

Additionally, it was Mr. Tiger that came up with the original farm that uses these mechanics, to drown the phantoms. Here is the tutorial for the farm: