Minecraft – How to load chunks without circling around the world


Is there a way to load non-existing chunks without a player traveling?

I am asking this because everyone know that worldGen causes a ton of lag in server world, and I don't want to circle around the map just to form the chunks. So I want to know if there is any way to load these chunks without player intervention.

Best Answer

If you are running a bukkit server you could use the ChunkPrequote plugin. This plugin will automatically generate chunks for you without having to fly around. Download Chunk Prequote Here Chunk Prequote is a 1.6.4 plugin so you wouldn't be able to do this yet with a 1.7 server.

Another solution could be to just limit the size of the world. This will make it so chunks will eventually run out and there will be no more server lag from newly generated chunks.

Hope this helps!