Minecraft – How to remove the “You are running an old version of the launcher” message in the Minecraft Launcher


I hate the new 2.0 Launcher design so i use the old one but there is always this message. Is there a way to remove it without using the new Launcher?enter image description here

Best Answer

I assume, you are running the game on windows. Do not run the minecraft.exe file. minecraft.exe has a hardcoded bootstrap version number (5 I believe) and launcher will show the warning you mentioned for any bootstrap version below 100 if your OS is windows 8 and above.


  1. create a shortcut to %appdata%\.minecraft\launcher.jar

  2. Rename your existing Minecraft.exe to minecraft.dll so you don't run it again. this way you can keep the icon too.

  3. modify shortcut you created in item 1 and change its icon to minecraft.dll created in item 2

  4. run the game using the new shortcut and message will not showup