Minecraft – .minecraft folder cannot be on a mounted volume – why not, and can anyone suggest a workaround


My dad likes to mount a partition of the RAID array (read: a lot of hard drives made to look like one massive hard drive to Windows) as C:\home using the mountvol command in Command Prompt (it does NOT have a drive letter – it is mounted at C:\home). I recently moved my game folder in there and now minecraft will not let me select it as the game directory. If I make it C:\ or anywhere else on the C:\ drive or any other volume with a drive letter, it works fine. But if I make it any subfolder of C:\home, minecraft pukes. It finds the folder okay, and lets me save the profile, but when I exit the settings and go back in I find it has blanked out the Game directory field and if I try to launch the game, errors out.

Can anybody suggest a workaround, or tell me why the heck this is happening? I know why it's failing – it's trying to get the volume UUID or similar of the drive (C:), which does not match the volume UUID of the mounted volume (C:\Home), so it pukes. My question is: why the heck does it need to do that?

Best Answer

A suggested work around, you could try symlinks on windows this might bypass the games detection and just assume it's another local drive.