Minecraft – My texture pack won’t show up in client


I used the most recent article I could find to help with this and I'm still having trouble. I've triple checked my formatting, doing exactly as the article tells me to, but I can't get the pack to show up in my client. I haven't added any content yet since I want to make sure the pack works. I saw some other posts like this one but I've made sure to check I didn't make the same mistakes. resourcepacks folder
my resource pack folderenter image description hereenter image description here I believe it's everywhere it needs to be in my files and it still doesn't show up in the client. (For those wondering the top 2 aren't mine) This is my first time making a resource pack so sorry if I seem dumb.

edit: it might be that my resource pack isn't zipped? But I can't figure out how to zip a file I've created

Best Answer

If the issue is specifically that Minecraft requires a .zip, and you are using Windows, Windows has a built-in option to zip your resource pack. Just select the folders/files for the resource pack, and then click Send to > Compressed file. There are also various 3rd-party applications such as Winrar, and 7zip that can do this for you as well.