Minecraft – The Enderman is completely passive


I play Minecraft 1.14 in Hardcore Mode. I provoked an Enderman, so in the first place he tried to attack me, but then I ran away from him, but I wasn't running or looking back. Using the third person camera I could see he was still angry, but just following me without attacking me. So I continued to walk to the sea and got in to protect myself. He stayed on the ground, but was not angry anymore. He just teleported a lot near me, and took blocks. Now I can look at him, attack him, but he doesn't become angry at all, and won't attack me.

I really don't understand why. Is this a new feature in 1.14? Or normal behaviour?
The Enderman used to follow and fight to the death.

I searched the internet, but I couldn't find any similar situation, so I'm guessing it could be related to the update.

I have multiple screenshots of the situation, and my game is still paused in this situation.

Best Answer

One possibility is that the mobs search for entities within a 40 block radius(that is, most common mobs), but when they search for entities(like you), they only target entities within that 40 block range and in their field of view. If you approach them from behind, they will not notice you until they 'hear' you, or turn around a look at you. When a mob 'hears' you, they are only picking up on sounds made by your movement, which is inconsistent. This can lead to some glitches concerning turning around to look at you. In recent updates, some mobs are 'afraid' of water, in the sense that they will not follow you into water greater than one block deep. This could cause them to not follow you. The complete passiveness is probably just a glitch caused by you getting into water. With all non-ranged mobs, they don't attack until they are right by you. If you are more than one block away from them, they can not attack you, but they will try to get closer. When you saw the endermen in third-person, it is possible that you were just to far away. The passiveness is probably just a glitch. Hope this helps!