Minecraft – The map (item) limit has been hit, how to fix it


I co run a public anarchy server. We had a user come on, duplicate maps, and fill the maps to the limit. idcounts.dat displays -32740. This causes all kinds of weird things when new maps are created which are all labeled map#0. I attempted to set idcounts.dat to the number of maps that were legitimate (304). This did not work and when I set a map and rechecked idcounts.dat, it was back to the original -32740. I am currently deleting the 32740 map dat files off of server to see what that does.

I have google searched with no luck. Has anyone solved this problem without deleting all current maps and idcounts file? I would like to keep the original 304 maps.

Best Answer

As already stated in my comment the map count can be reset by doing both, deleting the excess map_xy files and resetting the counter in idcounts.dat.