Minecraft – What fuel sources will the turtle accept


What fuel sources do turtles accept? It seems that they used to accept more sources than they do now, and by now I mean any of the 1.5.2 mods, and by before I mean pre-1.5.2 mods.

Best Answer

Your question ended up intriguing me and so here's the results of my testing for 1.5.2

Note: all testing was done in the FTB Unleashed modpack, I make no guarantees that gregtech or similar mods won't change any of this if they are used

Usable Liquid fuels

  • Any liquid that can be used as a fuel source for an engine or generator, except for buildcraft oil and fuel, and dartcraft force.
  • lava will only work if provided in either buckets or cells, all other liquids seem to work in any container

Usable Solid fuels

  • anything that can be burned in a furnace or a generator
  • uranium ore, refined uranium, and all cells excluding near-depleted and re-enriched (only if an RTG module is fitted and the refuel is done by calling the refuel method on the peripheral directly from lua)

Usable blocks and items

  • turtle charge stations

Unusable sources

  • energy crystals, lapotronic crystals, and other similar EU storage
  • buildcraft oil and fuel (as mentioned above)
  • dartcraft force (also as mentioned above)