Minecraft – Why is Player’s generic.movementSpeed Attribute listed on Wiki as lower than ALL Mobs, yet you can clearly outrun all of them


EDIT: Player's generic.movementSpeed SPRINTING Attribute is listed as 0.15, their WALK speed is listed as even slower (0.1)

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A Player's generic.movementSpeed Attribute is listed as 0.15 but a Zombie's is 0.23. We all know players can outrun zombies. I know the English Wiki says that the final number is "about 43 times higher" than generic.movementSpeed value and describes the final value as "Speed of movement in some unknown metric".

I found a foreign language wiki states the equation for speed is: y = 43.178x-0.02141 but as far as I know math that still won't make 0.15 "faster" than 0.23… This foreign wiki even goes as far as to use the formula to calculate a Players final running speed as 6.5m/s when a Zombie has 9.9m/s. There is no similar calculation on the English wiki, but the same calculations are mirrored in an English Wiki "Talk Page" from 2013.

It also seems like all the mobs have appropriate values as the faster mobs have higher numbers; spiders being a 0.3 compared to a Zombie's 0.23 makes sense to what I've seen reflected in-game, just the Player's speed sticks stand out as an oddity.

Then, to top it all off, both Wikis list a "Default Base" of 0.7 for ALL players and mobs… but doesn't say when or how it's applied when all players and mobs all have their own speeds set already.

Any insight? Or is this still an "unknown metric" 7 years on?

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