Minimum fire resist to counteract vampirism weakness


How much fire resist from glyphs is needed to negate the weakness to fire debuff from vampirism?

Best Answer

Most of the Vampire builds for a Nightblade insist on only getting a single Ring with a crafted 1000 Fire Resistance bonus. This will also reach the fire resistance soft cap.

For example, take Kutsuu's build. It's a mass-DPS build with Vampire tree. This guy is known to do the maths about his character and he explains quite simple and precise.

So in short term, with Vampire tree it's only possible to negate the Vampire fire damage debuff, but you won't get more out of it because of the soft cap. That's why some Vampire builds rely on Light Armor, where you can get additional Spell Damage Reduction. (Fire Damage and Spell Damage are reduced seperately.)