My companion won’t give me the items back in Skyrim


I have been using my companion, Lydia, as a storage space until I can save up enough to get a house. However, when I try to retrieve certain armor from Lydia that she is NOT wearing and was not hers originally, the game says "can't take teammates' starting armor".
Even if it was actually hers, she doesn't need all 7 fur hides.
Why is this happening and how can I get it back?

Best Answer

You don't NEED to kill her. The other option is to pickpocket your stuff back. To make it easier to pickpocket, gain the perk poisoned, pickpocket enough of her stuff to reverse pickpocket a paralysis potion, and pickpocket her while she gets back up. This will cause a 100% chance of pickpocketing all of her items even if there's a 0% chance of getting the item. This may be the only option left to get your stuff back without killing her.