N advantage to buying the locked weapons


So I play as the NC Heavy Assualt unit most of the time, I have already put hundreds of certifications into the starting weapon, the Guass SAW I believe its called. I was planning on supporting the game and becoming a premium player for a bit, eventually. I'm not willing to give up what i've already put into the starter weapon by purchasing one or two of the locked weapons unless there is a noticable advantage to having some of the locked weapons. Obviously there are different types of weapons such as shotguns and rifles, but im specifically talking about each class of weapon in general, like all Light Machine Guns (LMG). Are all weapon classes balanced, or is there a noticable advantage to aqcuiring locked weapons?

Best Answer

The weapons in PS2 are balanced and designed to be sideways upgrades; some are more effective that others in particular situations. The default guns are good all-rounders. LMG's have a large magazine and carbines are better at range. Each weapon will have it's own characteristics such as kick direction, full auto effectiveness and stopping power so you should always trial a weapon before deciding to purchase it.

For Heavy Assault there is one caveat; the rocket launchers. Personally I spent some station cash for the guided vehicle launcher and it has had a big impact on my play-style.