N easier way to “combine” stuff in Everquest


This question actually comes from my mother, an avid EQ player

Is there a macro / addon / something to make combining items for tradeskills easier? By default, combining items requires clicking around a lot and putting things in the inventory. Is there anything available to ease the annoying bits?

Best Answer

The "default" method is the only approved method. EverQuest does not provide any facility for addons, and also explicitly prohibits their use. They go as far as to monitor player's process task list. The following is from the EQ Terms of Service:


Please note that some games available on or through The Station may, when in operation, monitor your computer's random access memory, MAC address, and system and configuration files, crash data, etc. for the purpose of monitoring [..] and also for the purpose of identifying unauthorized third party programs running concurrently with your game which, in SOE's sole determination: (i) enable or facilitate cheating of any type; (ii) allow users to modify or hack the applicable game interface, environment, and/or experience in any way not expressly authorized by SOE; or (iii) intercept, "mine" or otherwise collect information from or through the applicable game (an "Unauthorized Third Party Program"). In the event that a game detects an Unauthorized Third Party Program, (a) the game may communicate information back to SOE, including without limitation your Station Account username, details about the Unauthorized Third Party Program detected and the activities or functions performed thereby, and/or details about your computer, and/or (b) SOE may exercise any or all of its rights and remedies under this Agreement or the applicable game end user license agreement without prior notice to the user linked to such Unauthorized Third Party Program.