N64 Composite to VGA


My son recently had is grandmother purchase him an old N64 console. Seeing that we don't have any CRT TVs, I purchased a composite to VGA converter box. It connected it up to his PC monitor (Dell 23 inch flat screen) and it does not work. So, I tried the PS2 that he has and it DID work. This tells me that the converter box is fine.

So I tried cleaning all of the contacts on the cartridges and on the N64. I start to get jumbled video and then nothing. Is my issue more than likely the N64 or could it still be the converter box / monitor combination? I don't want to spend money trying to find the rare CRT TV for this if the N64 is bad.


Best Answer

OK. I found the issue. It was the AV cable. When we tried it on another friend's TV, it worked but had what looked like an issue related to a short in the cable. So I purchased a new cable off of Amazon and it works like a charm through the converter box now.