Ny benefit in taking bigger bombs if the total explosive mass is smaller


In War thunder bombers can be improved to carry bigger bombs. But sometimes bigger bombs means a smaller total explosive mass.

For example on the Italian BR.20 DR you can take 4*250kg instead 12*100kg.
It is an improvement in the research tree but to me taking the big bombs seems worse than the small ones.

enter image description here

I would have less explosive mass if I want to bomb bases and it would be more difficult to bomb a long line of vehicles, so is there any benefits in taking these bigger bombs ?

Best Answer

This is probably more important when attacking player-controlled ground targets (i.e in Ground RB/SB rather than in Air), but: bigger bombs have bigger AoE, so you don't need to be as accurate when attacking a moving armoured target, like a heavy tank or TD. For example, you need to drop a 100kg bomb right on top of a Tiger to take it out, but a 500kg bomb can take one out when detonated some 5 meters away - useful both if you go for a low release with a delayed fuse, or drop from significant altitude. It also makes it possible to kill several lightly-armoured targets with a single bomb. And, as SGR mentioned in a comment to your question, if you're under fire it is faster (and thus safer) to drop four bombs than try to get all 12 bombs on target.